Thursday, February 08, 2007


Wow - for the past 2 days I have been with this TC conference... I had a bit of headache yesterday as sitting in a room talking about products etc was a bit too much I think for me. One good thing about yesterday was Arijiits IP Core Network Upgrades! Today was a hell of a lot better but still a few things that I did not know about - leaking routes?? Multiple Vlans..O Well at least we finished off at Bungalow 8, I had a nice Crispy skin baby.... I think it was Buramandi??? fark can't remember! but anyway it was a good meal.. Have you tried the beer HoeGarrden! haha what a way to name a beer.. but it taste good easy to drink and hits you hard! anyway let's talk next time.. too tipsy now to think!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


So how you doin?? I'm doing this thing again.. LOL Anyway. I got no excuse, I just got lazy really - or too busy haha. ( I think its more like laziness. )

Life is good still I suppose - One thing I want to do this year is to be POSITIVE! no matter what. Its going to be a hektik this coming weekend, Its Tom's BUCKS party I think it will be a cracker of a Day and Night. I'll post some details and pics maybe by Sunday ( pag hindi tinamad )

Bought my Season ticket for the Doggies games, so I'm looking forward to March!

Today was an alright day - a few tasks at work, I've been trying to eat right lately which is good as I have been chuggin on anything since the X'mas break. It was like Piss up everyday.

The weekend past was the Austalia long weekend. Me, Lila and the gang went camping sa Beach! it was so cool - sakit lang sa likod kasi matigas din pala ang sand pag tumagal bwahhaha - Lila was fine as she had a Big pillow, She had a great time - The boyz caught like 7 SALMON's ang lalaki! Anyway kung ayaw nyo maniwala eto evidence.. Kasing laki nga ni James eh! Anyway that's it for today. Hanggang sa susunod!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hunter Valley Trip - day 2

OK Day 2. I can't quite remember what time we woke up I think it was about 8am - Lester gave out a fart...and that woke me up! Of course I had to retaliate. Poor Tin haha I think she didn't here us - nah she said OMG pala. Anyway Breaky was cooked by Haze we had Spam and Eggs - or was it Corned Beef?? now I can't remember was there rice? o well - anyway we had our breaky and we hanged out a little bit then we got ready.
The plan was to go to as much Wine Tasting place as possible lol - so we started early and so first stop was Keith Tulloch's Wine place, this was a good stop I was just chillin, I had the w800 pumpin some tunes while doin the tasting everyone was gathered around - parang nasa sala this was on the second level of the building. I thought the Shiraz-Viognier was nice its got 9% white grapes (that's the Viognier bit) I'm not really an expert - check out The guys bought a few bottles - I wasn't really to keen in getting one ( Tite ASS! )
Anyway next stop was the Hunter Valley Gardens actually we were going inside another Winery but we end-up just turning around and heading towards HVG. Went in straight to Harrigan's Cellars (I wonder if this was Paul Harrigan's?) Bought some Wines - Went to check out some chocolates - Oh yeah we had lunch as well at the Bliss Cafe - I had Pasta of the Day not really that good - AU had this Big bad burger. After this we went and play some Aqua Golf Jonie and Glen won a prize - I think Jonie got an 18Hole game for free and Glen a Wine cooler. I was trying to aim for the money! Man Lester can play! After this checked out Cheese tasting and another 3 Wineries - or was it 2?
Anyway drove down to Cesnock to buy some meat for the Barbie that night. After we bought all our stuff, outside the shopping centre we saw a couple of guys jumping around and running towards signposts and headbutting their heads on to it - we thought that was weird ( oh yeah nice melons! )Local Jack Ass! and then they suggested that we should run-over them?? lol - Lloyd started the car and drove away from them ( and this time they were chasing us! )
More piss-up obviously a combo of Bubbly, Red Wine, Beer and Of course Vodka.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hunter Trip

Hunter Valley trip was a great weekend. We've organised this a couple of months ago - thanks to Lloyd. I'm a Virgin? I haven't been to the Hunter and I wasn't really too sure what to expect..
I know about the Wine and Newcastle Knights..or CESNOCK at least. Got picked up by Llyod and Lester and we had to hang around a bit as we were waiting for Tin as she was coming from the city. Anyway picked her up at Fairfield and straight to Hazel's place, they got their stuff organised - I can't believe Tin hasn't packed yet! but I was not in no RUSH.. We'll be there before everybody, since they are going to leave their place by 6PM... Ahmm its 4PM still
Left Bossley park around 4.30pm went in Cumberland Highway and cruise towards North and I think we got on F3?? tama ba? Gone pass this exclusive school The King School ba yun tapos napansin nina Haze ang St. Benedict's College..( merond din kas sa Phils neto - not sure if they are connected ). Anyway inside the car kain lang kami kung ano ano i.e. BOY BAWANG. Here are some pixies on the way there.

We got to the Hunter around 6.30pm ( I think ) it was a bit like Blair Witch Project when we drove in the drive way haha pag dating sa reception may Black DOG siempre takot ako! NOT!. So we hired a couple of cottages mga 2 minutes walk from one cottage to the other. So we unpacked our stuff and head back down towards Cessnock to get some Grub ( KFC was on the menu ) and bought some more Vodka.
So went back to our Cabins ( Ano nga ba tawag nong cabin?? ) and the funniest thing happened we got in our cottage and while Tin was trying to fix up the Heater she saw this big Lizard and she just went off! ( We should have took a photo or a video ) We had to get the owner to come in and search for it. Pixies from the cottage that night.

Eventually the others made it that night they arrived around 9.30PM so we Played Poker and dranked all night... For some reason I don't have pixies from my w800 that night, I guess I was a bit too drunk and was being a clown - I'm Entertainment.. Next post will be day 2.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Iskul Bukol

Started TAFE this week doing a course in Telecommunications, I know I've been working in the industry for a while now and I have been thinking of going away from it, i thought about starting up a business,(yeah likes that going to happen) I was thinking of T-shirt Printing to changing course towards Electrical engineering to Hairdressing lol...With the shirts day I was at the markets and I saw all these bargain t-shirts with prints on them already so I dunno I think I got discourage seing those funky shirts??
So I'm at TAFE 2 nights every week Tues and Thurs. Its going to be a while for me to get use to, waking up early and getting home late and hitting on the books. But I think I'm gonna be ok - I mostly know what it is all about so I don't think it will be too hard for me well I hope so...anyway I'll keep you guys posted. Nitey nite.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I've been on Holidays..cont'd

Sa Blogging that is... anyway patuloy ko lang kwento from the last article, dapat idugtong ko? pero ayoko eh so here it goes.
Thanks for a great breaky B! She made us champorado (google it!) w/ Tuyo, Dilis, dried pusit and some Omellette, ano pa ba? Madami ako nakain that day and I think evebody also ate plenty. Name game - Yung Lil sis nina Bec and Mura nagakamali ako nang pagtawag like for the whole morning since naglaro kami nang Badminton akala ko kasi ang name nya is Ana, Shella pala lol Si Ana is Mura's wife... Sori pachincha. Pero kahit tintawag ko si Shella nang Ana when we were playing badminton eh wala naman syang sinasabi.
Superman Returns was on that night so we watched it at the Gold Cinemas of Greater Union sa Parra. Equivalent ata sya nang La Premier - I've been to La Premier once Through work it was good kasi free eh me and Ale watched Mission Impossible ata tagal na non. So we paid $36 to watch Superman Returs at Greater Union's Gold Cinemas the waiting was good I thought - it would have been better if they had complimentary Pop Corn and a glass of wine/drink or something but no - it was just the waiting - I find it annoying as well yung pag dini diliver na nali ang mga food, but the Seats were Gold class talaga and I like the intimate setting, but I'm never doing it again pwera lang kung libre ako or discounted yung tickets.
Had to come home early as Lila was sick - umiiyak and my Mom was not able to handle her mahina ang patience nya I think kay lila. Got home and lila was asleep already and it took me no time as well na antokin so shut eye na din ako.

P.S. Superman Return ROCKS!!

That's it for now.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I've been on Holidays...

On blogging that is. Wow it has been a while I might not be able to finish this today as well as there has been heaps of happenings lately and I will be trying to recall all that has happened. Anyway Last time I have updated this page was back in may for now I must stop and save this as a Draft as I have to work on some tasks here at work and hopefully I'd be able to update this before I leave work today or I can actually finish this at home.

Ok Stop - 15.59

Wow grabe it has been 2 months na pala talaga or close to it..lots have happened. Lila was given a prinicipals award last term - she is still in Kindie so hopefully it will go all the way to Uni, geez tagal pa non bakit masama bang mangarap? (no pressure LILA), more about this later on. So mga upcoming blogs ko will come some past events/kwento na hindo ko pa napopost so old and new stuff.
Alright these days i'm trying to get myself busy i.e. reviewing my cisco stuff again and also nakapag enrol na naman ako nang course sa Tafe part time course lang on Telecommunication Engineering sana matapos ko to this time, I'm kinda determined this time, nainspire ako ni Ale eh She's nearly finish with her course plus she is doing well at work - Baka maging Management Accountant na ang Bru.. I'm happy for her, IDOL! hehe. I wonder if she reads my Blog malamang hindi.
Work stuff a lot of changes has happened no more Business team - they tore it up so I'm now working with a different team where there is a mix of skills mga mixed nuts kung baga its all good - My manager is cool bloke I think he looks after us preety well, so I kinda like been taking on some other stuff away from my normal work and I have given him my intention that I would like to manager a team one day as well and he's keen on training me up to that. I'm on a hunt as well for a new JOB which is another reason I'm trying to refresh my memory with cisco and other stuff that I use to do as I'm planning on getting a similar role than before - I don't mind anymore if there is going to be some shifts involve. Hopefully something will come up soon.. Wish me Luck!
Played Badminton last Sat tsaka a little soccer and b-ball. Si Lila tinamaan nang soccerball sa face this is when Glen was trying to kick the ball towards the goal eh nagkataon tumawid si lila ayuns Sapol..wawa naman so crying baby sya and napabili ako nang drink tsaka swimming googles tapos nauto pa nya akong mag swimming kahit may sakit ang bulilit - tapos medyo inatake sat night tsk tsk.. patay tayo kay Daddy LOLO hehe Ninong Glen kasi.

To Be continued...